Reiseliteratur weltweit

Geschichten rund um den Globus

1862 - Edward Shirley Kennedy
The First Ascent of Monte della Disgrazia: First Thought


And finally a general scramble that placed us at half past eleven on the final peak. And then, indeed, a shout of exultation burst from all.
   What was our first thought? Was it, “How shall we get down again?” or, “How magnificent is the panorama!” or, “Where is the top that I may pocket it;” or, “Can we find any stones wherewithal we may build a memorial?” or, “What have we got to eat and drink?” or, “Who has the tobacco-pouch?” or, “Where is the barometer and the boiling-water apparatus?” or was it – if it may be called a thought - the simple passive consciousness of success? This is, to many, itself the great reward. The descent is trying, and gladly would I avoid it. The view is sublime, and I enjoy it.


Kennedy, Edward Shirley
The Ascent of Monte della Disgrazia
In: The Alpine Journal – A Record of Mountain Adventure and Scientific Observation
Vol 1, 1864

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