Reiseliteratur weltweit

Geschichten rund um den Globus

1793 - George Barrington
New Barrack Building

Another barrack was now building at Sydney, but for want of the tiles was not finished; two mill-wrights had also got up the frames and roofs of two mill-houses, and while they were waiting for the tiles endeavoured to forward the wood-work; the great want of tiles proceeded from there being only one person who understood moulding them, and he never could burn more than five thousand a week, being obliged to burn a great number of bricks in the same kilns. It required near seventy thousand bricks to complete the building of one barrack, and twenty thousand tiles to cover it in – to furnish bricks for these barracks and other buildings, three gangs were constantly at work, which comprised three overseers and eighty convicts. The distance form the brick fields to the barracks was about three quarters of a mile, three brick carts were employed conveying these materials, each drawn by twelve men, under the direction of an overseer. Seven hundred tiles or three hundred fifty bricks were a load; and every cart was expected to make five turns in the day. The bringing in of the timber was also most laborious work. There were four timer carriages employed, each drawn by twenty four men; every carriage was attended by two fellers and an overseer, making in the whole two hundred and twenty eight men, exclusive of sawyers, carpenters, smiths, painters, glaziers, and stone masons, provisioning and clothing all these people must be very considerable, and will be found to amount to an enormous sum when the expenses of the public works erected in this colony come to be calculated.

Barrington, George
A Sequel to Barrington’s Voyage to New South Wales…
London 1800

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